Prosper – Talk 1: Change by Eze Foncardas

Prosper Talk 1 Change Blog

“In order to change your moneyset, you need to change your mindset.” A quote I shared yesterday to the attendees of Financial Life Builders’ Financial Literacy Series entitled “PROSPER: Increase Your Financial Well-being” at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. The title of the first talk is Change: Create Wealth by Changing your Money Mindset.

It is the objective of the organization to reach out to many families as possible and share the right financial concepts. I am thankful to be part of this event to share my financial journey and experiences towards a financially secure future.

Talk 1: Change discussed the 4 essential concepts of changing your money mindset so that anyone who apply these can attract wealth into their lives.

Series Guide

Get the series guide here for free: Download now

Talk Slides

Get the presentation slides here for free:  Download now

Next week, another talk on how to create wealth by becoming debt-free will be held. The talk is entitled Clear: Create Wealth by Becoming Debt-Free.

Prosper Talk 2 Clear Poster

For talk details, join the discussion in our Facebook group by clicking the link – Financial Life Builders Facebook Group 


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