How To Experience a Trailblazing Success

Do you want to be successful in life whether you are an employee, entrepreneur or as a student? Rex Mendoza came out with his first book with all the essential strategies that you need to achieve a trailblazing success. He is very generous to share his profound wisdom from his experiences, may it be in a corporate or in a business setting.

Trailblazing Success-Rex Mendoza Cover

Rex Mendoza is one of my financial literacy heroes. I always look forward of hearing his talk whenever I attend financial conventions. He is a great communicator injecting jokes and simple terms to make complex financial concepts very easy to comprehend.

In this book, he shared his experience as the only member in the family who is not considered “professional” in the family because he has no title like an attorney or doctor. His father wants him to be a lawyer but he knows from day one that he wants to be in a different industry. He pursued an education in Business Management at University of the Philippines and took his Master’s Degree at Asian Institute of Management. During his graduate studies, he was even called “Mr. Trying Hard” because he speaks English badly.

Through his years in the corporate world, he rose from the ranks and became an executive in Philam Life, Philam Asset Management Inc. and Ayala Land. But he eventually decided to be an agent. His corporate journey I can say is very colorful. I can imagine the sacrifices he endured on every decision he made all through out. Finally, he sat at the helm of Philam Life as President and CEO. Today, together with his wife Anna, he manages his own financial services Company, Rampver Financials.

He shared many hands-on concepts from his experiences on how to be the best not only in work or business but also in other facets of life.

1. On Success. In his journey, he shared his 3 requisites to success. 1.) God-given talent. 2.) Effort to make things happen and 3.) Platform of opportunities for us. Many people have the talent and put so much effort to their aspirations yet they have not managed to be successful because of lack of opportunity. It does not mean that if you work hard, you can reach your dreams. That’s why he recommended that those people who experienced success and got ahead in life should share their blessings to others who lack the opportunity.

2. On Setting Goals. Looking into our yesterday, today and tomorrow is a principle I currently applied with my goal setting. This will give us a glimpse of our past doings and how we can work things out to reach our goals in the future.

3. On Life’s Perspective. Another life changing concept in the book is about keeping a positive perspective in life. Whenever trials, negative events or obstacles block our way, always ask the question, “What can I learn from this?” or better yet, “Lord, what is good about this that You want me to see?” By asking this, we can see positively beyond the problem.

4. On Leadership. He also shared one of the leadership skills he learned. It is only when people found synergy at work that target goals are achieved. The actual output is an offshoot of how a leader enhances the potential of an organization and how people draw collective strength as a team. What matters to the team is how you contribute. Your influence and impact will always be determined by results, more than anything else. It is really true when he said that a pack of dogs led by a lion will act like lions. A pack of lions led by a dog will act like dogs.

5. On Stewardship. He mentioned that apart from discipline in terms of being on time in going to work, stewardship is another important principle that he learned in his corporate life. We should always think and act like the owner of the Company. We need to ask this question, “What will I do with the resources entrusted to me if I am the owner of the Company?” Money can buy people’s time but not their commitment. When you are paid well, you will always try to perform and contribute. However, high pay doesn’t make you aspire to go beyond your limits. You do that when you are inspired and motivated.

6. On Relationship. Apart from his competence and intelligence of Rex Mendoza, I think one of the aspects that put Rex on top of his game is that he never burned bridges with people. He found mentors along the way where he stands on the shoulder of giants instead of standing on the ground. He made sure to maintain a good relationship with his colleagues. Up to this day he is respected by the Companies he worked with because of the contributions he gave. One of Rex’s principles that I admired is when he said, “We have to be attached to people rather than things. When we do this, we start living for others.” He put people first and it was his guiding principle that directs him in every decision that he makes throughout his career.

7. On Faith. Above his success, he never forgets to glorify God. Although he started as a man for himself, he learned that material things do not give long-lasting happiness but great relationships will. He soon learned to be a man for others and found real happiness in the process.

His purpose in life to spread financial literacy to every people he touched base will change the course in the improvement of the lives in this generation and the generations to come. I am looking forward to read the next book.

PS. You can get a copy of Rex Mendoza’s book, Trailblazing Success at Kerygma Books.


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