7 Valuable Lessons of Married Life

Today marks the 5th fruitful year anniversary with my ex-girlfriend.  The day when we sit in front of the altar and ask for God’s grace to have a successful marriage.  During these wonderful years, I have learned valuable lessons.  I have picked seven of them which I think every couple should also learn.

Valuable Lesson #1:  Always Pray.  This is what make us stay connected to the one who give us the power to achieve our goals, God.  When we pray, the Lord always listen.  As a couple, praying will lift each other up on every problems and give thanks for every victory.  In any of our decision in life and for our family, we ask guidance from above and just keep in mind that He will direct us every step of the way.

Valuable Lesson #2:  Trust One Another.  Temptations are everywhere.  Wherever we go, they are also there waiting for the right timing to ruin our marriage.  We need to be aware and careful because they come in many forms.  When trust is broken, you cannot return it back to its original form.  For me, I just always remember the day when we give our vows and asked for God’s grace during our wedding day.

Valuable Lesson #3:  Learn to Listen.  “The Reason why God created us with two ears and one mouth is for us to listen more and speak less”.  I never forget this message when I read it in one of the articles of my personal development mentor.  If we learn to listen more, we can hear each other clearly.  Listening to the advice and opinion of our spouse will stream line any plans that we want to pursue.

Valuable Lesson #4:  Always Appreciate.  The power of gratitude as an attitude really helps to have an effective marriage.  All people wants to be appreciated and praised on what they are doing.  Appreciating what our spouses are doing will boost their morale and fuel them to achieve more.  For me, I make sure to look for things and appreciate what my wife is doing.  Through this, we maintain the closeness of our relationship.

Valuable Lesson #5:  Say I Love You Often.  Saying these magic words whenever possible will refresh our love with our spouse.  It will keep the fire burning.  It is free so make most out of it and say it often.  Saying it make the stress go away and make our spouse feel important.

Valuable Lesson #6:  Support each other.  It was written in the scripture that Jesus send his disciples in partners to do His works.  Similarly with married couples, we are blessed by the Lord to be partners; to think as one and to work as a team.  I have learned that support is very important to stay in your game.  Without the support of your better half, progress is stagnant.  In my experience, I have gained my Financial Trainor position in my part-time job with International Marketing Group (IMG) because of the full support of my wife.  She have supported my endeavors through her invaluable contribution it the administrative works.  She is my life partner and a business partner rolled into one.

Valuable Lesson #7:  Plan Together.  Where your marriage will take you?  Planning together for your family and making decisions together particularly major ones will make things easy to carry out.  Sell your dream with each other.  In every aspect of your married life, inform and update one another.  It is fulfilling to reach your goals and dreams because you both know that as a couple you are riding on the same boat to go to that direction.

These valuable lessons if done religiously will make our married life wonderful and brilliant.  As we grow old with each other, more values and lessons will surface.  It is just like a work in progress as we strive for the best marriage experience.  Always work as one and seek for God’s guidance always and everything will be well.

PS.  I have made a letter and a video two years ago for my wife on my first time to be far way from her and work here in Abu Dhabi.

What other valuable lessons of married life you can think of?  Share your thoughts and meet us in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “7 Valuable Lessons of Married Life

  1. Hey Dad, I don’t know where to start Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all the surprises, very appreciated and luv it. I know sometimes in our marriage we had ups and downs but still thank you for never giving up on me, for always guiding me in everything, sa walang sawang pagpapaliwanag at pagpapaintindi in everything..lol 🙂 Thank you for our wonderful children, for all the loved and support you gave us. my promise to you is the same as my vows I will always love u, thank u for being my husband, I have nothing to say I’am blessed having you. I luv u……Mom

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