When Christmas Comes

Christmas Choirs in Kuwait

How do you celebrate Christmas?  How do you prepare for the coming of our saviour?  There are different ways and beliefs in celebrating Christmas.  My son Jade Gabriele prepared a poem about this.  Here it is…

When Christmas Comes

When Christmas comes
There we are again watching the stars,
Watching the stars shine to us
Listening to the Christmas songs.

Everyone is preparing a gift
Thinking what to give
To their special someone
To show some love.

All kids in town
Is waiting for Santa Claus
Being a good kid always
Will give you a gift from Santa.

When Christmas is here
All you can see is love
All of the people are sharing,
Eating together with their family.

May we celebrate this holiday season full of joy in our hearts.  May the spirit of Christmas instill in our hearts everyday of our life.  Merry Christmas!

Do you know other ways of celebrating Christmas?  Share your thoughts and meet us in the comments.

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