What Is Your Money Story?

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Are you an employee whose salary is not even enough to pay for the rent because of your credit card debts?

Are you a parent working abroad for years – away from your growing children and yet until now you don’t know when to stop working?

Are you the breadwinner of the family who wakes up every night worrying about if your family will be hungry if something bad happens to you?

If your answer is YES in any of these questions, then you need to read this book.

You will learn the following practical principles to change your financial destiny:

  1. Change: Grow your mindset to grow your “moneyset”
  2. Cash Flow: Increase your earning and decrease your spending
  3. Clear: Get out from the grip of debt
  4. Cover: Protect your important assets, you and your family
  5. Cultivate: Plant and grow money seeds to accumulate your wealth
  6. Contribute: Money is a tool to love others

All of us have unique money stories in life. This book is all about the story of every single person, married couple, parents and retirees. This is for millennials and “feelingnials” (feeling millennials) who want to change and improve their financial situation. This is for the employees and entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their hard-earned money.

This book is for you!

The principles in this book are simple yet effective concepts that can change your financial destiny.

To order the book with a discounted price visit: http://bit.ly/moneystorybook

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