Free Financial Check Up

Are you overwhelmed with debts and loans right now and you do not know how to eliminate it?  Do you lack savings or investments for you retirement or you kids’ college education?  How can your family survive in case of disability, long-term illness or death?  Do you have any financial responsibilities with growing children or aging parents?  Are you concerned about the future of your job or career?

We are giving free financial check up to help you make the right plan for these situations.  We will help you build a strong financial foundation and teach you how to make money work for you.

A Successful Pinoy is a Financially Abundant Pinoy, all you need to have is the right financial knowledge and the decision to take action and make a difference for your family.  This will also make you a better steward of God’s money for the benefit of others.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting the following:


Eze Foncardas: +965 97288071

Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman in UAE:

Rosalyn / Kirby Zalameda:  +97150 3173152 / +97150 1135708

Dubai, UAE:

Lilian Geron: +97150 3760369, Magie Suarez: +97155 2002238


Jean Padillo: +63919 7695871, Tammy Foncardas: +63906 2718631

You can also keep in touch with us here.


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