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  1. Hi Sir EZE Foncardas…paki guide na man po kami kung paan ko po makukuha yung baby ko sa pinas..I got married with a Ghanian man kasamahan ko po sya sa work sa pinas po kami kinasal. Pareho kaming nasa UAE pero dun po ako nanganak sa pinas. Anu po ba procedures and requirements kasi yung Family name ko di pa na change sa passport pati sa residence visa kasi kakasal lang nami last August. Kung pwede po siya ang mag sponsor sa baby namin or kaming dalawa since were both working here in Ajman UAE.

    1. Hi Emely, Thanks for the comment. First, you need to decide who will sponsor the baby, for me its better the husband. Then, while sponsoring you need to have your marriage contract handy just in case. In any case, mas less complicated kasi husband naman mo magsponsor. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  2. Sorry ang pangit ng grammar ko sa taas bro. Let me rephrase that. This seems to be a very good site bro. Bakit di ka na uma-attend ng LOJ Feast? Attend ka minsan. Kahit minsan. How’s ur online course? Best regards.

  3. If this work Bro Eze, this is a work well done. May God continue to empower with this good day so that more people will become more educated about the proper paradigm of God and Wealth. That God wished us abundance. Thanks for the good work!

    1. Hi Ricardo,
      Good morning. Thanks for visiting the site and thank you also for the appreciation. You are truly right that people should be educated more about financial literacy because God wants us to be good stewards of all His wealth for the benefits of others. May we become instruments of this cause. In God’s grace, I hope we can reach out to as many people as we can to bring them the good news. Thanks again.

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