IMG Aculenz Online Events (October 12 – 18, 2020)

You can check the local time based on your location here –

Oct 12-16MON-FRI4:30 AM (Kuwait)
9:30 AM (Phil)

Leaders CallIMG Leadersundefined
Sep 28 – Oct 3MON-SAT8 AM | 2 PM | 7 PM |
9 PM | 12 MN (Phil)
Membership OrientationIMG Leaders
Sep 28 – Oct 2MON-FRI
except Thurs.
6:30 PM (Kuwait)
11:30 PM (Phil)
TEAMbayanIMG Leaders
Sep 28MONDAY4:30 PM (Kuwait)
9:30 PM (Phil)
Wealth Creation SystemIMG Leadersundefined
Sep 29TUESDAY4:30 PM (Kuwait)
9:30 PM (Phil)
Leaders TrainingIMG Leaders
Sep 30WEDNESDAY4:30 PM (Kuwait)
9:30 PM (Phil)
Provider TrainingIMG Leaders
Oct 1THURSDAY4:30 PM (Kuwait)
9:30 PM (Phil)
Aculenz Team MeetingIMG Leadersundefined
Oct 2FRIDAY4:30 PM (Kuwait)
9:30 PM (Phil)
SSBYF: Book StudyIMG Leaders
Oct 3SATURDAY4:30 PM (Kuwait)
9:30 PM (Phil)
MD/SMD MeetingIMG Aculenz Leaders

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