3 Powerful Techniques to Create a Wealthy Mindset

Do you want to make this year better than the previous one?  Do you want to jump start your year and experience the opportunities you have been waiting for coming to your life like a tidal wave?  Do you want to feel and enjoy the ocean of blessings available for you?


These 3 powerful techniques will help you in creating a wealthy mindset and receive the best life you really deserve.

1. Grounds – Look for the reasons why you really want to be wealthy.  The grounds should be compelling that will make you wake up in the morning and jump off your bed excited to accomplish the things to fulfill that reasons.  These should push you get out of the comfort zone you are living for a long time.  Reasons that drive you towards your success.

“Look for the WHY that will make you CRY and you are willing to DIE for.”

Create a “Bakit List” that are very close to you that sometimes make you cry.  These should be the same reasons that you are willing to die for.  Do you want to pay off your debt?  Do you want to give the best college education for your kids?  Do you want to retire young?  Do you want to help your parents and siblings?  Do you want to give back to your Community?  Answer these questions and you will see the reasons why you want to be successful.

Inspiration or Desperation?

There are two kinds of reasons that will push you out of your comfort zone and achieve the life you desire.  Are you inspired or desperate to change your wealthy mindset?

Inspirations are the things that make you fired up everyday.  One of inspirations that keep me going forward is to travel the world with my family and visit all the locations of Universal Studios and Disneyland.  Another reason that motivates me everyday is to see our country end the poverty in our generation by sharing financial education in my own simple ways.  By pushing our global financial literacy campaign, I know that little by little many families will change their financial life for the better.  I am very fortunate to give my share of teaching financial education in fulfilling the vision of International Marketing Group to help 1 million families become financially educated by 2020.

Desperation is the fear in our hearts which make us strive to excel.  They are also our frustrations in life, for example lack of money which make it limited to do things we wanted.  Fear is also beneficial as long as you think of it positively.  The fear of losing your job will make you go to work and do your best in your job.  The fear of growing old without money make you look for opportunities to grow your hard earned money.  My desperation to change my financial life started when I worked abroad.  The fear of going home back to the Philippines without money after long years of working make me desperate to look for ways to grow my hard earned money and earn additional extra income.

Look for these reasons that inspire or make you desperate to change your wealthy mindset and you will receive the blessings waiting for you.

2. Gratitude – This is the ultimate secret of the wealthy people.  You might know some people that are really rich but when you ask them if they are happy, they will say No.  They may have fancy cars, big houses and luxurious things but deep inside they felt empty.  But, you might also know other people who don’t have much but they have that completeness and happiness within them.  Why?  It is simply because they are grateful.  A grateful attitude will make you appreciate more the blessings that you are receiving everyday.  There is also a saying that the your attitude of gratitude will determine your altitude.  I will share to you the various types of blessings that we should be thankful for.

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18, NKJV

Big Blessings

These are blessings that we do not receive often.  They usually happen only sometimes like for example winning a raffle prize, completing the construction of your dream house or buying your dream car.  One of the big blessings my family received in the past is meeting great people in Kuwait through our financial literacy advocacy in IMG.  They became our second family far away from home.  We meet twice a year just to bond and have a great time.  Now, think about the big blessings you received in the past.  Be grateful for them.

Baby Blessings

These are the blessings that happen often.  Unfortunately, some of us take them for granted.  What are these?  The opportunity live in a house is a baby blessing.  Waking up everyday is not only a blessing but also a miracle.  Having a full time job is also a baby blessing.  Take note of these blessings so that you are reminded to be grateful every day.  One of the great baby blessings I have is to wake up every morning and see my family beside me, hugging and kissing them before leaving our home or bringing the kids to school.  This is such a wonderful thing to be thankful for.

Buried Blessings

These are the blessings that we think are problems but it turned out to be a blessing.  When we connect the dots of our life, we will see that everything is all for our good.  Do you remember the time you had a big problem that turned out to be a blessing?  It is still clear to me one of the buried blessings I experienced.  On the same day of my interview to work abroad, my resume went missing.  The receptionist told me that my resume is not in the file.  I was applying for a Geodetic Engineering position during that time.  After spending much time looking in the documents, they finally gave up.  I suggested to apply for a Safety Engineer position instead since my extra resume is focused on my experience as a Safety professional.  I later learned that day that all of my colleagues who applied for the Geodetic Engineer position did not pass the interview.  On the contrary, in my case I got bonuses from the problem.  I landed a job as an Environment Engineer not as a Safety Engineer and my salary is twice as much of the salary of the Safety Engineer.  If we are just keen enough, we will see the blessing even it is hiding within the deepest part of our problems.

Create a Gratitude Journal

How will be kept reminded of these blessings?  Personally, I have what I called a God Works Journal, some people call it Gratitude Journal wherein I put every blessings that I received whenever I see them especially the big blessings and the buried blessings.  In this way, whenever I feel down; I just get that book out, read them and it will remind me right away of all the works of God in my life.  You can do the same and experience being thankful on all the things that comes to your life.

3. Goals – The last technique to create your wealthy mindset is to set and focus on your goals.  There are many ways to get into this.  Some of us make a dream board or vision board, wherein you cut and paste photos of the things you wanted to have or experience in the future.  Or if you want it to be more personalize, you might as well draw them.  Some of us write them down.  One thing that is very crucial in writing your goals is to put a deadline.  Also, you need to put it at an area in your home that you will not miss seeing.  This will keep you reminded on the goals you need to pursue.  And don’t forget to think about the ways of achieving them every day.  Be persistent until you reach your goals.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I remember the time when I set a financial goal of having 1 Million Pesos.  What I did to be always reminded is I got a 1 Dirham bill and write 1,000,000 on the paper.  I taped it at the top of my double deck directly in front of my eyes while lying down.  When I wake up every morning, it is the first thing that I will see; 1 Million Pesos written on the bill.  That keeps me focused and committed to my goal.  I made sure every day that I am looking for ways which will get me closer towards that dream.  Fortunately, by some sort of miracle it eventually happened.

Today, make a decision to change your wealthy mindset.  Look for the grounds that will make you go out of your comfort zone.  Be grateful on all the things that come your way.  Set that goals and keep focused and persistent in reaching them.

Make this year your best year.  It will all start within you.  Try to apply this 3 powerful techniques and see on your very own eyes how your life change not only financial but also in your relationships, physical and spiritual life.

Photo Credit: OnlineIncomeToday

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