How International Marketing Group (IMG) Changed Our Life

How IMG Changed My Life

Have you ever asked yourself, what will be my life purpose?  I am sure in one point you contemplated, what legacy will I leave in the community I belong to?  You might even asked these other questions.  What good things can I leave behind for the betterment of others?  How can I make a difference and be a blessing to others?

During the IMG Convention in Singapore early this year.  Alongside with the top builders of the Company, I was fortunate to share how IMG changed our life in the prestigious IMG Champions Magazine.  I would like to share with you the article I wrote.  Together with my wife Tammy,  we have our humble beginnings building our wealth and our business.  Here it is…

All of us have our big whys that drive us to make a difference not only for our family but for the families that we reach out.  We have various stories of triumphs and failures, ups and downs in our journey to financial independence while doing the IMG business.  At the end of the day, we may ask ourselves, how did IMG improve our lives in general?

Let me share to you our story.  It all started when my wife Tammy and I decided to let me work as an Environment Engineer in Abu Dhabi, UAE on January 2010.  The opportunity of having the capacity to earn more was given to my family by the grace of our good Lord.  During my first months abroad, we have no savings at all.  We were struggling how to cope up with our expenses every month.  The surprising thing about it is that only our monthly income increased.  We did not buy a house, we did not engaged to any business and the number of our children remained the same.  We soon realized that as the salary goes up, the expenses also shoot up.  And if the hard-earned money is not properly managed, the scenario will become a cycle.  My wife and I discussed what we can do to remedy the recurring issue.  We decided to seek for the right financial information and lead me to know the IMG in Abu Dhabi.  As a result, my family learned to understand our financial blueprint and how to build a strong financial foundation.  Practicing the 10/20/70 principle and paying yourself first were instilled to us.  Our mindset of being a spender drastically changed to become a smart investor and entrepreneur.  We started investing for our retirement and education of our children in the near future.  The thirst for financial knowledge was quenched through incessant financial literacy trainings.

The passion of helping others to be financially free expanded when we embraced the IMG Business System.  It is almost three (3) productive years now and as one of the pioneer crusaders in Abu Dhabi, it was challenging to reach out to other Kabayans.  We have done things in creative and extra ordinary ways in order to live with our mission to make a difference for families.  We held the BMPs at food courts and cafeterias.  We conduct the BPMs in the social centers of other nationalities.  Living the IMG Business System kept us to be always motivated in facing the challenges which later on reaped all the rewards of hard work through the duplication of other marketing directors under our base.  It did not end there; the passion fueled us to create the website that shares success ideas towards financial freedom (  The site is committed to help others make more money, become debt-free, save money properly, grow it wisely with a combination of biblical principles and practice the habit of giving to be a blessing to others.

Together in partnership with my wife in the Philippines and me in Kuwait, the passion of helping others to achieve financial freedom strengthens even more.  Little by little, more Filipino families in Kuwait are becoming aware of saving their hard-earned money.  With full determination, we will soon reach out to more people in this part of the world who will also help us in our crusade.  Indeed, IMG played a major role in my family’s journey to financial independence and personal growth.  Now it is time to give our share in helping others so that in the end, no family will be left behind.

Staying with IMG for the past 3 memorable years now.  Slowly, I soon realized my life deep purpose…  To help others to be truly successful.  And to teach others how they can teach others to reach for their dreams.  You can help us achieve this goal.  Stop the poverty in our generation.  Help us spread the word.

What things you can do to make a difference in this world?  Share your thoughts and meet us in the comments.


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