Practical Success Qualities Adults Need to Learn from Children


Have you ever think why children have too much questions?  Have you ever wonder what keeps them asking  until they get what they want?  Maybe its part of their growth.  Maybe its part of their nature.  But, definitely adults can learn something from them.

Currently, my family is spending their vacation with me here in Kuwait.  My youngest son, Miguel is at the stage of childhood wherein he never runs out of questions on everything under the sun.  When we watched Iron Man 3, he asked “Daddy, why is Captain America not with Iron Man in the movie?”  Sometimes, he asked, “Daddy, why is Santa Claus only goes out in the evening and not in daylight?”  Too many questions and mostly begins with why which should be answered by an explanation.  Honestly, my wife and I sometimes cannot think of a further answer.

In myself, I asked that somehow as an adult I can learn on their behaviors.  I have come up of 3 traits that every adult can utilize in their path to success.

1.  Imagination.  Children ask too much questions which sometimes can be out of this world.  I just noticed from my son that he will tell you what he thinks from anything in a form of a question.  He has also this wild imagination on his surroundings.  One time, outside our window right next to the other building, he would say that there is a brown dog resting at the balcony.  But when we looked at it, it was just a brown carpet being dried outside under the sun.  In the mind of a child, there are plenty of great ideas that we adults sometimes overlooked because of our busy schedule and the tons of stress that we have in our work.  In order to be successful in life and let the overflowing abundance of the universe enter our lives, we need to think and be imaginative in pursuing our dreams.  We can be like a child seeing things in a different perspective.

2.  Persistence.  Children will do everything they can in order to get what they want.  They keep on asking and asking and asking until you finally give up.  Sometimes, they will also bargain in order to persuade you to give what they want.  There is a time when we are in a shopping mall, my son wanted to have a toy truck.  He asked me if he can have the truck he is holding.  I told him that he can look for other toys because the truck is expensive compared to its quality.  Actually, it was just a lame excuse for a parent to tell his child to get rid of the toy.  But, he never gave up, he told me that he really wanted the toy.  He told me that he will just keep it on the shopping cart.  Whenever, I reach out and put some items inside the cart, he asked and asked if he can have the toy.  Until he bargained that it will be his last toy for the duration of his vacation in Kuwait.  His persistence pays off, I finally give what he wanted.  The same thing in our adult life, we can get the things we wanted if we just be persistent in reaching for it.  I soon learned the value of persistence in a  famous Bible verse in Matthew 7:7-8

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. – NIV

Good things come to those who ask and knock continuously in order to achieve their dreams.  Even if you encounter No answers, just be persistent.  Along the way, you will encounter people and opportunities that will say Yes and help you achieve your goals.  This kind of success quality is being instilled to us when we reach out to our Kabayans and share the right financial mindset through our trainings in IMG.  It is hard to change people’s mindset especially when we talk about finances because we really love to spend.  But through persistence in reaching out to others, people will soon realize that they need to secure their future and leave a legacy for their families.

3.  Honesty.  I think, children are the most honest individuals in the world.  If you ask them about something, they will answer you a straight answer without reservation.  As an adult, success can be fulfilled if we have integrity in all the things that we do.  If we are honest with ourselves and with people around, we can walk with our head up high and we can have a lasting relationship with others.

Indeed, adults can learn a lot of success qualities from children.  The traits we can acquire just need to be applied as additional ingredients in reaching our dreams and become successful.

Can you think of other success qualities adults can learn from children?  Share your thoughts and meet us in the comments.

 Photo credit:  Child Portrait by CubaGallery

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