Simple Money Saving Tips in Sponsoring Your Family in UAE

When I first thought of sponsoring my family in UAE, I made a plan from the application of their visa to the place where they will stay when they arrive.  I have planned their relocation for a year.  I realized that if you plan ahead of time, you will be saving a lot from relocation expenses.  Setting a plan and timely acting on it will greatly make a difference.  What are the aspects you need to consider in order to save money on the relocation of your family?

Airplane Tickets. Booking flights ahead of time will give a good sense for your money.  Since bulk of your relocation expense goes to this portion, you need to plan ahead.  I have booked the flight of my family 5 months ahead.  Because of this, I almost got half of the regular price.  Also, you will have the luxury of choosing the seat you want because booking for that date is not yet full.

Travel Tax and Terminal Fees. As an expat in UAE, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) can assist in the issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from the Philippine Embassy or respective Consulate across the UAE.  securing this document, the government will subsidize the travel tax of your family when you leave from the Philippines.  Instead of paying Php 1,500, because of the OEC, I only paid Php 500 for each of the family member I am sponsoring.  Also, ensure that you have a pocket-money with you before you travel because of these fees.

Seek the Help of your Company.  Some companies are giving assistance on the sponsorship of the family.  All you need to do is inquire if the company can help you in securing the residence visas.  You will save a lot on the transportation cost of processing the documents and the hassle of going on long queues.

Accommodation Expenses.  Ensure that the accommodation of your family is ready when they arrive in UAE.  To save some money, I asked my friend to secure a room for me while I am in the Philippines to fetch my family which is also parallel to my annual leave.  Hence, the period of the rental will count when we arrive.  I have saved 1 month cost of rent because of this.

Educational Expenses.  I will agree that bringing a child to school here in UAE is very expensive especially when you convert the cost to Philippine currency.  It is like sending someone to an expensive university.  But, as they say here “Huwag ka lang mag convert”. (Do not convert) so that you will not be frustrated on the cost.  To maximize your savings, you can reserve early and get certain discounts for early bird payment in the school you want to have your child enrolled.  There are Philippine schools with reputable track record here in UAE that are giving discounts such as this.

Food Expenses.  There are many ways to save on food cost, one way is cooking the right amount and serving of food for the day.  This will alleviate the spoilage of food from left overs.  Also, plan your grocery trips and make a checklist of the things you will buy.  Getting all the food you need for a week or two in one trip and buying stuff in bulk rather than buying at the nearby store which charge 5% will give you a lot of savings.

One of my mentor told me that one of the success ingredient in life is to invest in your relationship.  Because through this, extra ordinary things can be achieved together.  As an expat, I worked abroad to give my family a brighter future.  And I think you will agree with me that it is really a lot happier with your family beside you along the way.

Do you know other money-saving tips?  Share your thoughts and meet us in the comments.

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One thought on “Simple Money Saving Tips in Sponsoring Your Family in UAE

  1. Hello
    My salary offer is 3000 AED without accommodation.
    How do i convince my employer to help me meet the salary requirements to sponsor my family to UAE?
    Please advise

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