What it Needs to be a Successful Pinoy

In everything we do, there are several reasons that drive us in pursuing them.  These may be the lessons we learned from past experiences, the fulfillment of our dreams, for the future of our family or simply for the benefit of others.  We can have a long list of reasons uniquely specified according to our situation.  But ultimately, we need to understand that these should fuel us to do tasks consistently toward reaching our goals and not against it.  We should have a habit of doing things that goes to that direction.

Being an expatriate in United Arab Emirates for almost a couple of years now, I have witnessed and shared with other Filipinos the sacrifice they are willing to give in order to provide their families a bright future.  I even asked some of them and generally the answer that I am getting is to have a greener pasture, which means to have an improved and more prosperous life.  I have heard different stories of life, some successful and some are sad stories.

I have seen people who take their loans in the bank and just run away with it without planning to repay it.  I have heard news of Kabayans who were sent to prison because of their inability to pay for their debts.  In fact, based on the study conducted by the Philippine Embassy in the UAE, it was found that being in debt is one of the main reasons why Pinoys working abroad are imprisoned.  Moreover, some families left back home do not know how to manage the hard-earned money remitted by their relatives working overseas.  As a result, some of these are spent unwisely and just went to drain.

It opened my mind that it is imperative to be in control of your finances and manage it wisely.  I recognized the following reasons why I have come up with this blog.  These will be the guiding principles of its existence and all aspects will be revolving around these.

Share success ideas to others on how to make more money, save it properly, invest it wisely and give it for the benefit of others.

Understand that the true meaning of a Successful Pinoy is a life of balance in Financial, Physical, Family/Social and Spiritual.

Communicate and network with other people and learn from their own experiences in handling their finances and empowering their selves.

Commit to discipline oneself in saving and investing our hard-earned money the right way.

Empower oneself in achieving the goals in life may it be short-term, midterm or long-term goals.

Strategize new business opportunities as a source of making more money and to instill an entrepreneur mindset.

Seek the guidance of the Lord every step of the way in the journey towards financial freedom.

With these objectives in mind, financial freedom will be within reach and building wealth will be attainable.  As I am working my way to that direction, I will share success strategies in how I am pursuing this goal and hope you can get ideas from them until we achieve to be a Successful Pinoy.

For you, what are the attributes needed in order to be successful?  Meet us in the comments.

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