Our First Family Bonding Game: Wrap the Leper Game

This is the first of the family bonding games that we decided to do for our family. I am sharing this through this blog site to have a record of our family experiences for my children to see in the future. Hopefully, it can serve as a resource wherein you can apply also for your family. I know that this tradition of holding regular family bonding games will strengthen the relationship of our family.

We decided to have our family bonding games every week. It aims to have a closer family relationship by spending quality time with each other. Also, it will promote Godly values for us especially for our children. We believe that happiness in family can be attained when established upon the teachings of the Bible. The game is composed of prayer, reading a verse in the Bible, the activity and refreshment. Every member of the family will be taking take turns every week on the activities. Involving everyone will make our family bonding exciting.

Our first game is called the Wrap the Leper Game. The objective of the game is to practice the attitude of gratitude. We should be thankful for all the things that are provided to us. We know that all of these come from God.

Opening Prayer: Kuya Jade and Jaizen

Bible reading: Jesus healed the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19) led by Daddy

Video Showing: Courtesy of You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87b4wcGAsj0)

Activity: The toilet paper represents the leper bandages, unwrap a roll and use a marker to write the letters G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E in the tissue square which are far apart from each other. The first member wraps an arm or leg in tissue until he finds a letter. He then tears the roll and says something that is grateful for. As a reward, you can give a chocolate or candy. The next family member will then do the same until you have a family of grateful lepers. When the toilet paper is all used up and family members already took turns, remind the family that being thankful is an attitude of gratitude.

Refreshment: Some chocolates we bought from the grocery

Closing Prayer: Mommy

Family relationship, I believe is irreplaceable. Quality time and presence are very important to have a close relationship. This is also the main reason why I brought my family here in UAE with me, I do not want to waste time abroad away from my family, earning much money in exchange of my presence to them. I cannot afford to see my children growing up without playing with them and seeing them every night while they sleep. Time lost cannot be replaced even with the most expensive gadget in the world. I have waited for one long year to be with my family and when I found a chance to be with them, I never hesitate to do it. I have done it because of Love. Invest in relationship; nothing in this world can replace it.

REFLECTION: What are the things that you can do regularly that can strengthen your family relationship?

PS. I would like to thank the blog site http://ldsfamilynightfun.blogspot.com, it helped a lot in the preparation of our family bonding games.


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