The Path towards Self-Empowerment


Photo with Rex Mendoza after the seminar

What is the importance of developing ourselves? Why do we need to empower ourselves? The level of success is the product of the way we view our self. Based on studies, people who chose to discover their higher self; the more successful they are in life.

In your journey towards self-empowerment, it is imperative to understand that your only enemy is your own self. What matters most is how you see yourself. It is between you and only you.

During my annual vacation last March to the Philippines, I went to the much awaited seminar of Mr. Rex Mendoza at International Marketing Group Headquarters in Makati. Together with my wife and sister, we had a blast listening and participating in the seminar. It was very interactive; Rex let us do some activities to emphasize the concepts of developing oneself. The frameworks of empowering your self can be applied along your journey are discussed as follows:

1. You Have a Choice to Build Yourself. How can you build yourself? Identify the top 3 strengths you have and be the best at it. On the other side, identify the top 3 weaknesses you have and look for ways to solve it.

2. Manage your Emotion. Following this, you can answer these questions: Are you optimistic? Excited? Energized? Angry? Always remember that to be angry is never a reason. If someone made you angry, just contemplate and reflect on the positive things that you can get from it. Seek God’s wisdom and the lesson to be learned from the circumstance might be hidden somehow.

3. Attitude of Gratitude. As fast as you can, write down at least 20 things that you are grateful for. You will notice that there are many things that you should be thankful for than thinking of the things to complain about. You should practice the attitude of gratitude. Do this rampage of appreciation when you feel bad and include them in you prayer every night. What are your activities after dinner and before you sleep? At least 45 minutes before you sleep, try to relax. Watching TV is not relaxing, quiet time contemplating at the end of the day and talking to the Lord is one of relaxing time that you can do.

4. Make a Victory Log. Prepare a notebook specific for your victories. Whenever you achieve something, write it there. By monitoring your victories, it will help you to achieve more in the future. You can check this out also on the things you should be thankful for.

5. Focus and Concentrate. Sometimes because we are busy with our work and overwhelmed with the problems we encounter, we tend to be misled and be out of focus. You should be here now to make every action aligned according to your plans. As a wise man once said, “Be present to the present.”

6. Live, Love and Work with Passion! Passion in the things we do will determine the consistency of actions towards our journey towards self empowerment. This will also make us very excited and tireless in achieving our dreams. Passion is the fuel that drives us to push and achieve more. It helps us to think beyond the box and do things out of comfort zones.

Every day, try to learn something new, find other ways to enrich yourself. Self empowerment should be never-ending; make every moment geared towards your own personal growth. If you will notice, all days in our life are not ordinary days. It is up to you on how you will use it. Always have the most of it.

Reflection: What are the things that I can do today that will help in empowering myself?


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