5 Effective Ways to Reach Your Dream

“Begin with the end in mind”. This was the passage that came to me, when I started discussing the Start Up process in our weekly financial literacy training. In front of around 30 Kababayans whom we helped and taught the proper way of saving and handling their finances, I contemplated on this quote by Stephen Covey.Realizing this, I told our colleagues that when they set a major goal in different aspects of life, whether it’s financial, spiritual, social, family or career, it is important to know first where they want to go. What will the final result looks like? What will the surroundings be at the finish line? And as we recognize this, we can plan on our path effectively and get there fast and hassle-free.

Below are the guiding principles that we can apply in reaching our dream.

1. Inner WHY. We should have the inner WHY that fuels us to attain our goal. The reason why we are doing extra ordinary things and getting out of our comfort zone is very important in reaching your goal. It is the level of belief to this inner why that will determine the level of success in getting that goal.

2. Fix to your mind the end result of your goal. The final fruit that we will pick, the harvest that we will reap should be fixed to our mind. It may sound funny at first, but we need to do it to have that concentration and focus in reaching that goal.

3. Plan your roadmap. Put your goals into writing with the exact description and numbers, even color or photos if applicable. Include what work you will do in exchange of the goal that you want to achieve. Say this every morning when you wake up and every evening before you sleep until you feel that you are now holding in your hands that goal at hand.

4. Remind yourself. Arrange some sort of reminder that will encourage you to stay focus on that goal. You can have a small piece of paper inside your wallet that will remind the things that you need to do to meet your goal. Or you can print your goal in a piece of paper and put it in a conspicuous place where you can see it when you wake up and before you sleep.

5. Take action. Desire without action is just a dream without fulfillment. Decision to make it happen is imperative in achieving your goal. The burning desire to reach that goal will drive you to think for specific actions. Always make sure that every day; you have an activity that will lead to your goal. One small step every day towards your goal will definitely find its way to the finish line.

And when you encounter failures along the way, stumble forward and stand up. All of these are ingredients that will make your goal more appreciative in the future. Always remember that there is a rainbow after a rain and a beginning after an end. Just stay focused and motivated.

All of these principles will lead you through your journey in fulfilling your goals in any aspects of life. Have a fruitful journey.

Reflection: What do you really want in life? Start writing it down and decide to take action. Time is running and we do not want life to pass us by without doing something to make it happen.

PS. Regularly we go to the doctor to have a physical check up. Regularly, we go to the dentist to have our dental check up. Our finances needs check up as well. The question now is, are you having your financial check up? We might find out that our pockets already have holes on it or it might have terminal illness already. I am doing financial check up for free to help you strategize in achieving your financial goal. Just CLICK here for more details.


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