How my Wife Changed her Mindset about Financial Abundance

My wife was very excited to talk about what she learned from the successful Think Rich Quick 2.0 Seminar by my real estate mentor Trace Trajano last October 23-24 at AIM in Makati City, Philippines. My wife really had a great time learning and meeting new friends in the seminar. Imagine, we talked from 10pm up to 2am. That was 4 hours, non-stop chatting thru Skype.

Few days before the seminar, she had hesitations to go because she has no idea about real estate. She told me that she will not appreciate the concepts because it might be too complicated for her. Basically, I know that she does not want to go out of her comfort zone. To persuade her to go, we invited her friend Hazel to come with her so that she will have someone to talk to during the seminar.

But these hesitations all changed because of the experience she had throughout the 2 day event. She shared her experience about how they were introduced on the millionaire mindset concept of John Calub, Philippines’ Master Wealth Attractor. John instill to them that they have infinite potential to make their dreams come true. The internet marketing expertise of Jomar Hilario gave them idea of maximizing the features of different social media platforms like Facebook/Tweeter/Linked in marketing products particularly real estate.

To top it all, even for a beginner, my wife appreciated the real estate concepts presented by Trace and the activities that encouraged them to get investors and market a property. The testimonies and experiences of the students of Trace who are millionaires themselves inspired my wife and she realized that real estate business really works.

She met new a friend named Melanie, her seatmate in the venue. They talked about anything under the sun. The three of them including Hazel, learned a lot at the same time having a fun.

She got even happier when she received the priceless iPod Nano that I won during the membership drive of, website owned by Trace. (Through this website I learned so much about real estate). She was speechless when Trace gave it to her. The only words that came out from her mouth were “Thank you.” I gave it to her as one of her birthday presents. You will see how happy she is on the photo. =)

Before, my wife had a mindset that we should be contented on the money we have and do not dream for more because the Bible says that we should be satisfied on what we have. And having lots of money will make you greedy and you will become a slave of it. On the other hand, the Scripture is really profound; I believe that God wants the best for us. He wants His children to have all the blessings in the world. That is why I keep telling her that we cannot help others if we do not have the money as our instrument in becoming a blessing to them because talents or skills alone may be insufficient. As long as we know the true purpose of why we need to be rich, we will not be mislead.

The stories my wife shared that evening were a good indication that she had changed her mindset about financial abundance. She now understands why it is very important to get rich and why I am encouraging her to always think abundance. She told me, “Dad, now I understand.” She continued, “I understand now why you are doing your dream board.” “I understand now why you keep telling me that we need to become rich. Now I know.” And as her husband and best friend, I really felt good knowing that.

I told my wife to reinforce what she learned. I recommended her to read more about real estate like the book Think Rich Quick! by Trace Trajano and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which will teach her the value of positive thinking and changing her mindset through the law of attraction. I even put her as the primary contact person in the real estate blog site that I created – so that she will learn to speak and deal with prospective buyers.

And you know what; I cannot explain the happiness I am feeling now because my wife told me that she is proud of having me as her husband.

As couple, it is imperative to understand that we are partners in everything. We need to lift each other up. The Lord gave the Sacrament of Marriage to us in order to have the divine grace of companionship and bind us together through His presence. And having the right mindset and taking actions towards our goals can be our foundation in finding the true happiness that we aspire.

PS.  My wife will be attending the next John Calub’s Money Magnet Seminar in Mall of Asia this November to give her continuous learning on financial abundance.  I am proud of you Mom, keep it up.

Reflection: Do you find ways to make your spouse experience learning same as you do in different areas of your life?


2 thoughts on “How my Wife Changed her Mindset about Financial Abundance

  1. Hi Tita Lilian, Thanks po. I will be with her all the way as we travel this life together. All the people in the TRQ2.0 missed you Tita. Looking forward to see you on the next one.

    Thanks Tita for lending a hand. God bless you and your family always. =)

  2. Geez, Eze, what wonderful words for your wife.. Inggit ako, truly! hayzzz
    Inggit din ako I missed the TRQ2.0 because of my illness (diabetic and all) but I'm glad your wife did attend, and learned everything that I have learned too from master Trace.

    If she finds herself in a situation where she might need a rope (regarding real estate), I'm just a text/or chat away..
    Find me in Facebook
    tita lilian (quiambao)

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