A Tribute to Kuya Jun

Who is Kuya Jun? Why is he so special to us?

I first met Kuya Jun when we bumped along the hallway of our flat in what I call Apartment 45, my place of residence in Abu Dhabi. He was just living right next to our room. He has a smiling face. He is approachable and always ready to spare his time for a chat. I normally see him at the lobby of the building looking to the people passing by while smoking.

One time while washing the dishes in the kitchen, we talked about his life while in the Philippines few years ago. I learned that he was an altar server during his childhood until his college days. He even went to the seminary but got out to pursue Mechanical Engineer which served as a medium for him to go abroad. He is a fervent church goer every Friday; he is willing to give you a lift before and after the mass. He was even present on the weeklong healing series of Fr. Arlo in the Misyong Pilipino at St. Joseph Church here in Abu Dhabi, which he routinely do every year.

We talked and agreed that he will join the Communion Ministers for the 2011 batch; I told him that it would not take a lot of his busy time if he chose to join. He answered in return that whatever it takes, it is our obligation to serve the Lord. From then on, I knew that he will serve. He has a clean hair cut and an optimistic aura that night. He even told me his life in the Philippines, how they showed to be the foundation of their parish and how he ardently served the Lord.

But an unfortunate event changed the life of Kuya Jun. He suffered an Aortic Aneurism last 10/10/10, two days after the Misyong Pilipino. In layman’s term it is called a bulging of the aorta, like a hose that is clogged on both ends which caused his organs to shut down. And this morning, October 22, 2010, he passed away after 12 days of hard struggle. I was serving after the 9am mass at St. Joseph Church in Abu Dhabi when I learned his demise. I cannot believe what happened but I know Kuya Jun had a good fight.

It is ironic because it is the birthday of my roommate and my father. We are celebrating for the birth of our friend while the people in the other room are in anguish because of the death of their love one. But, deep inside, we are celebrating for Kuya Jun because he lived a meaningful life here on earth. And even for a short period of time of knowing him, he had touched our hearts and shown to us God’s image through him.

I know the Lord is telling him now, “Jun, mission accomplished, you did a great job! And I am proud of you.”

We will miss you Kuya Jun. We know that you are happy now up in heaven.  We are grateful to know you and become part of your life even for just a short while.  We salute you for a job well done.

We lost a good friend but we know that we gain a guardian angel that will protect us from this earthly life.  May you rest in peace.

PS. Please spare a minute of your time to pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Kuya Jun. He is dear to us and was a good friend.

PS2.  Kuya Jun is also known as Santiago Fellone Jr., 47 years old (1963-2010)

Reflection: People come and go to our life, have you cherished the instances when you were with them?


4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Kuya Jun

  1. Kuya Jun is a very lucky man. This goes to show how much God loved him, that He granted Kuya Jun an everlasting peace and love and happiness in heaven with our Almighty.

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