Misyong Pilipino Healing Series Day 2: Live a Happy Old Age (Part 2)

On the first part of this Live a Happy Old Age article, we have discussed how to take good care of our health and our family. We have talked about how to treat our children in a Christian way. As promised, this is the 2nd part of the article. =)

d. Bring our children closer to God. It is said that fear to God shows self discipline. If we make it to a point to allocate time for our family to go to church every week or once in a year retreat like the Misyong Pilipino, you will see the changes in your family. Fr. Arlo shared a story of a 4 year old child who grew up in the teachings of the church. The love for God manifested when the child was playing with his friend inside the church, when an accident happened and his friend got a wound on the knee. What the child did was prayed over the wound and asked God to heal it. His friend, thinking that the wound was healed responded that God really cured his wound. Imagine that tiny 4 year old child has a faith as big as a mountain. Bring our family closer to God.

e. Show your love to your wife/husband. The fire of love between couple should never be relinquished. Understanding should be mutual. Marital problems occur when the wife / husband do not know how to play the game of married life, as Fr. Arlo put it, “Hindi kasi marunong magdribble ng bola”. (Cannot dribble the ball).  Sometimes, wives become jealous if their husband is being transparent to them. They resent it when their husband tells all the things that make them jealous even unintentionally. In effect, the husband hides what he is doing to their wives making it complicated. Fr. Arlo shared an instance wherein a wife showed how to properly dribble the ball. An executive vice president of a bank has many clienteles who are pretty, sexy and gorgeous. He normally conveys this to his wife. The wife gets hurt whenever he hears it from him but she never showed her feelings. Without the husband knowing what she really feels, she asked some questions to him and she would be happy to meet those girls so that they will be acquainted. This is how to dribble the ball of married life. This means that in order to have a happy marriage we should know how to interact without confrontation when we show transparency to our relationship even if hurts us.

We also found out that one of the needs of a wife is just to know where their husband is, as simple as that. Just make sure that when the husband says that he is in that location, she should find him there when she looks after him… or else that will be the beginning of World War III. =)

There were also instances that the ladies create an emotional attachment to a man when they arrived to an intimate relationship. Ladies cannot simply forget the man because of what happened between them. That is why Fr. Arlo emphasizes that MEN SHOULD BE FAITHFUL and WOMEN SHOULD BE CAREFUL… =)

Loving your wife/husband also has something to do with giving allowances to your in-laws. Fr. Arlo advised that when the husband provides allowance to his own relatives, the wife should be the one to give it to her in-laws and vice versa. The beauty of this is that the relatives will have a good impression to the husband/wife giving the allowance which will result to closer relationship.

3. Take good care of your properties. It is very important for the parents to instill to their children that inheritance in forms of real estate properties is only a privilege and not a right. If this mindset is cultivated within the family, the children will not fight against each other because of the properties. They will not expect anything that they will receive something. And when they receive something, they will not compare what they got to the other siblings because they will be grateful to it.

a. Do not give all the properties. If the parents do not have money, it is possible that they will also lose their dignity. That parents will likely be dependent to their children which should not be the case because they already have their own family to sustain. Wise parents leave something for themselves because if emergency happen, they will not ask for financial support from their children.

b. Do not give your properties immediately. By now you might heard about the famous parable about the prodigal son. It is the story of a son that exploited his inheritance to things that have nothing in value. The repercussion of giving the property right away to your children is that they will not work anymore. They may think that their source of money is like a well that never runs out of supply.

4. Finally, Serve the Lord in any way you can and Serve our country. The Lord created us to be like him and being like Him calls for discipleship. Let us serve him by helping each other and helping our country to stand from the ashes of poverty. Lift up our fellow countrymen and cast away our notion of crab mentality. Retain our nationalism and prove to the world that we can make it. We are created to help one another so do what is needed.

Reflection:  Do you treat the people around you in a Christian way?


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