Best Birthday Ever

Best Birthday Celebration
Best Birthday Gift
Last 20th July was my 31st birthday.  It was my first time to celebrate it away from my family.  During my regular work at the office, my wife kept telling me that we need to chat as soon as I arrive home.  I did what she insisted and when I saw them in the webcam on the other side of the world, I saw nothing but the party invitation that my wife made.
As she removed the invitation on the screen, I was really flabbergasted that they prepared a party for me.  (You can see the birthday banner above especially made by wife and kids.)  I saw her and my two kids together with their friends wearing party hats.  They even have a Sponge Bob party whistle blowing.  It is like a children’s party with all the kids gathered around the table.  I was not aware that they will do something like that.  They have waited for ten o’clock in the evening just to see me celebrate with them.  Tears of joy started to roll over my face as I hear them singing Happy Birthday.  My youngest son, Jaizen was the one who blew the candle.  
The surprises did not end there.  As they were eating, my wife instructed me to open the package that she sent.  When I opened it, I saw the best gift I received in my whole life.  (You can see the photo of the customized t-shirt with my family on it.)  It is a gift that cannot be replaced by anything in this world.  Not even the newest model of Black Berry, Storm 2 can substitute on it.  It is not the t-shirt that is irreplaceable, but the mere presence of my family on it made me feel that I am with them whenever I wear it. It made me feel as if my family is wrapped around me, hugging me whenever I use it.  It is their way of saying “Daddy, we will always be with you wherever you go.”

That day was the happiest day I have since I am away from them. It was the birthday party of all birthday parties.  And it was the best gift that I have received.

Being away from my family to work overseas is really a sacrifice.  I am unable to hug my family whenever I want to.  I am incapable of playing with my kids whenever they want me to play with them.  I am unable to guide my kids as they grow and see the world.  But in spite of all of these, constant communication keep us strong.  Our investment to our relationship keep as intact.
Thank you Mom for all the love.  Thank you Kuya Jade for looking after Mommy and Jaizen.  Thank you Jaizen for being our playful mascot.  And most especially I thank God for giving me such a wonderful family.
Reflection:  How much did you invest in your relationship with your family?

2 thoughts on “Best Birthday Ever

  1. we love you dad,palagi mo po sana suotin yang tshirt to feel our hug…wish u good health…always take good care of yourself.we miss u so much. – Mommy,kuya Jade n baby Miggy

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