Financial Literacy Training at Dubai

The Clock Tower at Dubai, UAE
This is my first blog and really excited to write-up.  Let me share to you what I did last week.

My journey to financial independence opens new doors of opportunities as well as venues for learning.  The thirst for knowledge is incessant.
That is why last April 30, 2010, while most of our fellow OFWs here in Abu Dhabi are having their day off watching movies on their laptop, going to the mall for a stroll or simply chilling out at home, my friend John and I went up to Dubai to visit the IMG Office for a training on financial literacy.

Just a calling card on our hands, we went to Bur Dubai. It was my first time going to Dubai on my own and it was quite a long trip. We saw the famous Burj Al Arab on the left side of Sheik Zayed Road and the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) on the right side. The excitement made us awake on the 2 hours road trip.

As we drop off the van at the bus station, the environment of Dubai started to come into us. The roads are smaller than in Abu Dhabi, the road networks are much complicated. Examining the address which says “near the Clock Tower”, we started asking for directions.  Finally, we end up riding a cab.  The fare is more expensive since they charge a minimum of AED10.  Upon arrival at the Clock Tower, we recognized that we were definitely lost because it is a roundabout and buildings are just all over the place.  We called the facilitator for another set of directions.  Finally, we got to the office after a few blocks walk.  We were excited to enter the room just like a student going on his first day at school.

We have learned vast information about the proper ways of savings and attaining financial freedom.  The training can be highlighted as follows;

6 Steps to Financial Freedom:
Step 1:  The Discipline to Increase Cash Flow
“The way you manage your time and cash flow can make your poor or rich”. 
How will you manage your expenses?
How will you earn additional income streams? 
Step 2:  Debt Management
How long will it take to pay off debt (credit cards, loans, etc.)?
Do you have strategy to get out of debt?
Step 3:  Create Emergency Fund
What would happen if you lost your job today?
What about unexpected expenses?
Step 4:  Ensure Proper Protection
Are you prepared and protected if you become sick, disabled or die?
Step 5:  Build Long-Term Asset Accumulation
Are you saving enough for your retirement goal?
If not, do you know where and how to start?
Step 6:  Preserve Your Estate
What will you pass down as a legacy to future generations of your family?
Do you have a strategy to help you meet goals?

There is so much yet to be learned since I just started applying the above concepts and the principles that I read in the financial books which I came across. What is imperative are the passion for learning new things and the openness to new ideas.

Next time I will share to you the privileges and advantages of attending financial literacy trainings.

Be a blessing to others everyday.


3 thoughts on “Financial Literacy Training at Dubai

  1. Hi,

    Im so glad to find someone here in UAE who is into stock trade and financial literacy… I am based here in Dubai, and I would like to start my journey in Stock Trade. Hope you can give me some light.

    My email:
    Contact: 0552998198

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. Hi, i am interested to attend about investment, may i know the details.when and where,Thank you

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